Haute Chinese Cooking Class

This past weekend I held a cooking class on “Haute” Chinese Cuisine. First, a quick definition of the French word Haute: adjective 1. high-class or high-toned; fancy. I use this term to describe the type of Chinese cooking I demonstrated in this cooking class, taking a standard “Chinese” dish and elevating it to a “higher” level by using premium ingredients in place of the regular “economical” ingredients. The four dishes on the menu were: Kung Pao Shrimp (using jumbo tiger shrimp), Cashew Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork (using pork tenderloin, strawberries, red grapes and fresh pineapple) and Crispy Whole Black Sea Bass with Spicy Vegetables and Salted Black Beans. The recipes are available in my second cookbook “In the Kitchen with Michael Salmon.”

Sharon, one of the class participants, forwarded me the following pictures that she took during Sunday’s class…thank you Sharon!

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