Hartstone Cooking School Students Hit the Big Time

Bob and Suzie Jobes come up to Maine (from sunny Florida) twice a year to stay with us at the Hartstone Inn. A few years ago, they started taking cooking classes at the Inn, first participating in our scheduled cooking classes with 10 other students, and more recently they have taken part in our chef for a day program where they come into the kitchen and spend 2 on 1 time with Chef Michael. They enjoy cooking, and more importantly, they enjoy cooking together.

In the February issue of Boca magazine (The “Only” Boca Raton Magazine) Bob and Suzie get the kind of “culinary exposure” that professionals dream of. The article, written by Julie O’Hara, is
called “Culinary Connections, Dishes are Anything but a Chore for South Florida Couples who enjoy Cooking Together.” Following is an excerpt from the article:

They, like many South Florida couples, view cooking as a relaxing way to put the brakes on a busy life and spend quality time together. The Jobes like to eat light, especially during the week when Bob will cook soups using the homemade stocks they keep on hand. Heart-healthy olive oil has replaced butter in their kitchen, and fresh herbs are staple for adding flavor. While they practice healthy cooking most of the time, the Jobes still like the occasional indulgence. “We go to a B&B up in Maine (that’s us!) where one of the chef’s signature desserts is individual souffles served with sauce at the table” says Sue. “We wanted to try that at home, and it was delicious. It turned out really well!”
We are proud of you two! Keep up the good cooking and thanks for the autograph. Photographs by Gary James.

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