Maine Food & Lifestyle Blog

When the first issue of Maine Food & Lifestyle magazine arrived at French & Brawn (our neighborhood food market) in the Summer of 2006 I was utterly amazed by the quality writing, beautiful photography and the unique and inspiring layout of the magazine. How can a publication of this caliber focus on my little area of the world? If you have not seen the magazine, go online and order the 5 back issues (available for only $4 each) and subscribe. On your next visit to the Inn you will notice that we proudly stock each guestroom with the current issue.

So, needless to say, I was extremely excited when Merrill Williams (Editor/Publisher) contacted me about a feature in the magazine’s second issue. The article “To Market and Home Again with Chef Michael Salmon” (in the Holiday 2006 issue) focused on a holiday menu for four people with recipes and outstanding photographs by Jim Bazin (Creative Director and Food Photographer, extraordinaire – I added that last part).

With that brief history behind us, we can move on to what’s new and current at the magazine. Blogs are all the rage right now and I am happy to announce that Maine Food & Lifestyle has just launched their blog this month titled “Plating Up.” The list of contributors is quite impressive and they have even asked me to contribute. Quite an honor. The current articles are very interesting so I invite you to go online and become inspired. Jim Bazin blogged about “A Lamb Meal To Die For” and you might want to read about the Chef that prepared that meal.

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