Hartstone Inn Specialty Dinners – German Night

Sunday night was a five course German Specialty Dinner here at The Hartstone Inn.  It was so much fun!  One gentleman came in Lederhosen and both he and his female companion brought their steins!  The German language was being practiced by many guests.  Our staff even learned a word or two by the end of the night! The complete menu served is listed below.  The next Hartstone Inn Specialty Dinner is “Dinner in the Greek Isles” on January 23rd.   (Togas and tunics are not required attire!)

Lobster “Wurst” with Morse’s Sauerkraut and Maine Maple Mustard
Knodel Dumpling Soup
Crab Apple Sorbet
Jager Schnitzel with Herb Spaetzle
“Lieb Kuchen” Soufflé

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