The Dining Poet

Back in June we received a poem that was written by one of our dinner guests while dining at the Inn. It was so nice that we thought we would share it with everyone.

Kendall Merriam, Rockland’s Poet Laureate at Hartstone Inn 6/6/11 8:45 pm, listening to Diana Krall.

The Revolution (for the Chef, Manager, Waitress on Almond Branch’s Birthday)

The best meal of a lifetime
on a sacred day
we were tempted to lick
the platters clean
but being urbane Rocklander’s
we resisted through politeness
We agreed on her natal day
that the meal was lovely, lovely
with the taste of old Europe
and the Caribbean
a combination we’ll remember
Life can be a journey
of goodness, flavored elegantly
to honor Phyllis’s
dedication to the lives of children
a celebration of life
that has meant so much to me
and hundreds of others
So thank you all
for your creation of taste!

Thank you Kendall!

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