Liberty Craft Brewing Offers a Brew with a View

It’s a crisp Autumn evening and you’re enjoying a brew with a view. You gaze out over the Maine forest to the strands of pink and orange light beyond. The royal blue peaks and valleys of the distant mountain range sharpen on the horizon as the setting sun dulls the light. In your hand is a chilled glass of Czech-style pilsner, or perhaps a rich and smooth Imperial coffee porter. You catch a whiff of melting mozzarella as the pizza you ordered bubbles to a finish. It’s a perfect Fall evening at Liberty Craft Brewing (LCB).

We love promoting off-the-beaten-path places for our guests to visit and enjoy, and LCB is a triple whammy — good food, great beer, and an amazing vista. Started as a labor of love from brewmaster Guy Hews, LCB grew from a home-based man cave to a brewery, then, to a restaurant/brew pub in the span of just five years. In the summer of 2019, he added a BBQ smoker and upped his game even more. Today, LCB offers the ultimate place to have a great casual dinner, as well as a brew with a view. 

Just a 30-minute drive from the inn, LCB features an expansive deck that feels like a treehouse hang out. Beers range from a light and citrusy pale ale to a deep, German-style rauchbier appropriately (and whimsically) entitled Smoked Spider. On a recent visit we also tried Queen Bee, a honey larger that paired perfectly with the applewood slow-smoked pork shoulder we devoured as we watched the setting sun. 

Open from 11:30 pm on, LCB also makes a great middle stop on an Autumn brewery tour to the inn from the south. Stop first at Oxbow Brewing Company in Newcastle, then trek on the back roads to lunch at Liberty and, finally, finish up at coastal Rock Harbor Brewing in Rockland before settling in at Hartstone Inn in Camden for dinner. It’s a brewtastic journey!

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